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(Temporarily Closed) Alexandre Hogue: Human/Nature

Feb 18, 2023 - Oct 29, 2023

Alexandre Hogue: Human/Nature is temporarily closed for maintenance. Thank you for your understanding. 

Growing up in Texas, Alexandre Hogue saw the devastation of the Dust Bowl firsthand. He responded in his artwork, including the pivotal 1936 painting Erosion No. 2 – Mother Earth Laid Bare, which was acquired by Philbrook soon after its completion. Not only do Hogue’s paintings and prints confront the causes of environmental destruction, but they also reflect human impact on nature in general.

Hogue spent much of his career in Tulsa, serving as the head of the University of Tulsa art department from 1945-63 and participating actively in the larger arts community. In conjunction with the 125th anniversary of his birth, this exhibition celebrates the artist’s continued legacy, with artwork and themes that remain as relevant today as they did nearly a century ago.