Art Camp Session 2: June 03 – 07

AM Classes, 9am – 12pm
PM Classes, 1pm – 4pm
All Day Classes, 9am – 4pm

Before Care is available from, 8am – 9am
After Care is available from, 4pm – 5:30pm

Ages 5-6

Upside-Down Adventures (AM)

Explore the museum in creative new ways with artist Briana Hefley-Shepard. Play and create in upside down adventures! (June 3 – 7, AM)

Teaching Artist: Briana Hefley-Shepard

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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen (PM)

Share stories, share songs, make art, and create community with artist Hailey Shoemaker. (June 3 – 7, PM)

Teaching Artist: Hailey Shoemaker
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Ages 7-9

Imagine the Future: Save the World! (AM)

Participate in a weeklong live action roleplay with Oklahoma City-based artist Mandy Messina and create out-of-the-box inventions! (June 03 – 07, AM)

Teaching Artist: Mandy Messina

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Fantastical Sculptures (PM)

Think outside the box, get messy, and build big. (June 03 – 07, PM)

Teaching Artist: Russell Roberts

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Ages 9-11

Get Fired Up! (AM)

Get muddy and discover the art of outdoor smoke firing with artist Lydia Cheshewalla in this special 2-WEEK clay workshop. (May 28 – June 07, AM)

Teaching Artist: Lydia Cheshewalla

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Paint, Paste, and Graffiti (PM)

Join street artist Aaron Whisner and create big and bold artwork using the tools of the street! (Jun 03 – 07, PM)

Teaching Artist: Aaron Whisner

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Ages 12-14

Sound and Music in the Stained Glass Cabin

Join Horton Records artist Kalyn Fay Barnoski and Unknown Tone Records artist Mark Kuykendall and explore the art of sound and music in our brand-new cabin! (June 03 – 07, ALL DAY CLASS)

Teaching Artists: Kalyn Fay Barnoski & Mark Kuykendall

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