Art Camp, Session 2: Free Form Creations (AM, Ages 5-6)

Jun 18, 9:00 AM

Session 2 : Jun 18-22
Ages 5/6, AM

During this session campers will design free form creations using yarn, fabric, and unconventional materials. During the week individual and life-sized group projects will be created which will allow campers to explore individual ideas as well as have the experience of working with others. Campers will explore how other artists use yarn, fabric, and unconventional materials to make fiber art and use their discoveries to inspire their own creations.

Learning Outcomes
Campers will engage in creative thinking, build confidence, and engage in new ways of thinking.

What to expect?
A day starts in our studios, but we quickly use the whole museum: art, gardens, etc. to explore what it means to be a creative thinker and maker. Our workshops are geared towards getting messy, working together and providing space for every child in the studio.

During Art Camp, we hope to be able to make discoveries and see things in a new way, all before lunch. New this summer, we will have a space dedicated to collaborative and group work that we will use in unexpected and new ways geared towards each of the weekly sessions.

Here are a few things to know:
1. We offer before and after care.
2. Lunch is optional and catered through our onsite restaurant.
3. We have a morning snack and afternoon snack built into the studio sessions.
4. We use the whole museum, so we will go outside when the weather permits: please pack sunscreen on bug spray.

Your day at Philbrook will be filled with creative energy and thinking! Please make sure to dress for mess and outdoor exploration.

Visit a member of Philbrook’s Guest Experience Team at the front desk or call our front desk at (918) 748-5300 for more information.