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This Is An Adventure: Accidentally Wes Anderson

Sep 17, 2021 - Jan 30, 2022

THIS IS AN ADVENTURE features distinctively dramatic photographs of locations around the world taken by the Accidentally Wes Anderson community alongside similarly inspired photos of Tulsa and the surrounding area selected from submissions by the Philbrook community.

While on his own adventure in 2017, Wally Koval created an Instagram account called Accidentally Wes Anderson for photographs inspired by Wes Anderson films and characterized by symmetrical compositions and distinctive color palettes. With submissions from this growing global community, Koval published a book in 2020 featuring these photos accompanied by brief, fascinating stories.

Find inspiration to explore the world, but also to take a closer look just where you are. With an open mind and broadened perspective, adventure awaits us all.

This exhibition was organized in collaboration with Accidentally Wes Anderson.