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Singalong Saturdays: Play Along! The Peace Rainbow

This is a virtual version of a Philbrook program. A ticket for admission at the Museum costs $12/adult and always free for kids. While we’re all practicing social distancing, please consider donating to Philbrook as we continue our mission to create a more creative and connected community.

There are so many things to learn in Mr. Symon’s songs each week. Let’s learn together and make discoveries! Each week’s Singalong Saturdays will include ways to connect ideas in the songs to fun at-home activities you can do together as a family. Simple activities are multidisciplinary and appropriate for a wide variety of learners. They include storytime, artmaking, science explorations, film suggestions, discussion prompts, and more!

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Song: The Peace Rainbow

Step One: Watch the song, and sing along!

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Meet ROY G. BIV- The coolest guy around.

Or check in with Mr. Rogers, and see what colorful adventures he’s going on*

*Streaming on Amazon Prime

Talk About It:

These questions can guide a conversation, an artmaking activity, or serve as a call to action in your neighborhood!

  1. What makes each member of your family different and special?
  2. What makes your friends different and special?
  3. What are some things you can do at home to spread kindness to:
    • Your family?
    • Your friends?
    • Your neighborhood or community?

Creative Challenges: Make Your Own Rainbow

  • Eat the Rainbow: Some of my favorite foods are the colors of the rainbow!
    • Can you make a meal or a snack and eat a bite of every color in the rainbow?
  • Build a Rainbow:
    • Can you find objects in your home to make your own rainbow?
    • Look at the one I made in the art studio: What sorts of things do you see?
  • Make a Rainbow:
    • Prisms are great tools to capture the rays of the sun and create dancing rainbows in your house.
    • You can make a rainbow without using a prism! All you need are these simple things:
      • A mirror
      • A container of water
      • A flashlight
      • A piece of white paper
Download Activity Guide