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Singalong Saturdays: Traveling

There are so many things to learn in Hot Toast Music Co.’s songs each week. Let’s learn together and make discoveries! Each week’s Singalong Saturdays will include ways to connect ideas in the songs to fun at-home activities you can do together as a family. Simple activities are multidisciplinary and appropriate for a wide variety of learners. They include storytime, artmaking, science explorations, film suggestions, discussion prompts, and more!

This week’s song is inspired by all the ways we travel through the world, especially the works of art at the museum that are made on SKATEBOARDS!



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Play Along: Traveling

Step One: Watch the song, and sing along! (

Try this Next!

Join Ms. Jenny and read If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen (

Take a Look!

Watch this adorable video about a child whose mother is an airplane. They travel the world together and see many different places! (Russian with English subtitles) (

Learn about trains with Blippi! (

Talk about it!

Traveling is the way we see the world! You can travel to different countries and learn about new cultures. 

  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
  2. How would you like to travel? Would you like to take an airplane, a car, a train, or a boat?
  3. If you built your own car, how would you design it? What cool and awesome things would you put in your car?

Creative Challenges: Transportation Creations

Make a Rubberband Car

(Adult supervision will be needed with this activity) Create a rubber band car that can zoom across the floor. Make your car and see how far it can go!

What you will need: 

  • 3 popsicle sticks
  • 3 skewers
  • 1 straw
  • 4 bottle / jar caps
  • paperclip
  • super glue
  • rubberbands
  • scissors 


  1. Start with two popsicle sticks and bits of straws super glued as shown below.
  2. Next, run skewers through the straws
  3. Poke holes in bottle caps and attach bottle caps to each end of the skewers. 
  4. Once attached, flip car over. Cut small end of another popsicle stick and thread the paperclip around it before hot gluing it on the tip of the car. The paperclip is where you will then thread your rubber band.
  5. Glue small piece of skewer in the middle of the back of car. This will be the launch point.
  6. Thread rubberband and wind car up as shown in picture below, then let it fly!

Transportation Imagination

Get inspired by this week’s storytime, If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen, where a little boy imagines the most spectacular vehicle that flies, swims, drives and even has a pool! What would your dream vehicle look like???

What you will need:

  • paper
  • markers, crayons, and drawing materials
  • imagination


  1. Begin creating your new way of transportation by brainstorming about all the different parts your new way of traveling would have. What will you call it? Give it a name!
  2. After you have imagined your car/boat/spaceship, or whatever you have chosen to call it, grab your paper and get to drawing. 
  3. When you finish your incredible design, show it off to your friends and family. Would you invite them to join you on a trip in your new wild form of transportation? Where would you go?